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Adult and Senior Wellness Plans

Wellness packages for adult pets start at $44 per month* and include 12 months of preventive care.

Initial Membership Fee of $50 per pet

Unlimited $25 Examinations (wellness or sick pet)

  • Vaccinations
    • All Core Vaccinations as needed
    • All lifestyle-based vaccinations as recommended by a veterinarian
    • 20% off core vaccine antibody titers
  • Lab Work
    • Intestinal Parasite Screening + Round/Hook/Whip Elisa testing (Fecal Analysis)
    • Complete Blood Count (CBC)
    • Early Detection Panel (10-point Serum Chemistry)
    • Heartworm & Tick Disease Screening OR Complete Urinalysis OR Thyroid Test
    • Cardiac BNP add-on (for cats)
  • Additional Included Services
    • Nutritional Counseling & Weight Assessment
    • Complimentary nail trim during each examination visit (if requested)
    • 24 –hour pager access to doctors for urgent phone consultations
    • $10 off microchip implantation
  • Add on Heartworm Prevention (additional $10-$14/month)
    • ProHeart Injection - good for 12 months (price is based on weight, must be at least 1 year of age)

Dental Care Upgrade (additional $55/month)

  • Routine Scaling & Polishing of Teeth
  • Dental Anesthesia
  • Anesthetic Safety Package
  • Full Mouth Dental X-rays
  • Anti-nausea Injection

“Senior Pet” Package Upgrade (additional $30/month)

  • Blood Pressure Screenings
  • Glaucoma Screening or Schirmer Tear Test
  • Upgrade of Annual Early Detection Panel to 24-point Serum Chemistry
  • Thyroid Screening (Total T4 & Free T4)
  • Complete Urinalysis
  • Complete Blood Count (CBC) every six months
  • Additional 6-month Complete blood panel (24-point Serum Chemistry)
  • Heartworm & Tick Disease Screening 
  • Cardiac BNP add-on (for cats)

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