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Paws in Time: Celebrating Senior Pets

How your pet's needs change.

Caring for senior pets can be a challenge due to their delicate health. At Clevengers Corner Vet Care, we share your concern for your senior pet’s health. In honor of your pet’s long-term companionship, we’ve developed the “Paws in Time” vet care program for early detection and treatment of health issues that pose a threat to senior pets. If you live in Warrenton, Amissville, Culpeper, or the surrounding communities, bring your senior pet to our animal clinic for quality senior pet care.  

Importance of Senior Pet Care

As your pet ages, they're more susceptible to sickness and health conditions due to a weaker immune system. Through routine screenings and pet exams, you can protect your pet’s health. Our “Paws in Time” wellness program promotes routine exams, tests, and screenings for issues like high blood pressure, glaucoma, diabetes, kidney disease, liver problems, anemia, and other conditions that can threaten your senior pet’s health. We recommend senior pets have bi-annual wellness exams so our veterinarian in Warrenton can stay on top of their health.

Lifestyle Changes

Like people, pets tend to slow down in their senior years. By adjusting their lifestyle accordingly, you can make things easier for your cat or dog. After a thorough examination of your pet, our veterinarian may recommend changes in his diet to increase protein intake and reduce calories to avoid problems with obesity. Senior pets often develop mobility issues as they grow older. You may need to adjust your pet’s exercise routine accordingly to suit his age, range of mobility, and health.

Senior Wellness Plans

At Clevengers Corner Vet Care, we offer a senior pet wellness plan specifically designed for pets in their golden years. This plan offers such preventative vet care services as:

Core and non-core vaccines – to protect your pet against life-threatening diseases

Lab work – to provide your pet with the tests he needs for early diagnosis of health conditions. This includes blood count tests, thyroid and urine tests, parasite and heartworm tests, and more.

Dental care – We offer the option of upgrading your pet’s dental care program to cover bi-annual exams, bi-annual cleanings, and comprehensive dental treatments.

Senior pet package – This program upgrades your pet’s veterinary care services to cover healthcare issues common to older pets, so your pet can enjoy better health in his golden years.

Trust Our Veterinarian in Warrenton for Senior Pet Care

The right care can help your senior pet enjoy a higher quality of life in its golden years.

To take advantage of our “Paws in Time” program for senior pet care, contact Clevengers Corner Vet Care at (540) 428-1000 today. For your convenience, our animal clinic serves pet owners in Warrenton, Culpeper, Amissville, and the surrounding communities. 

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