X-Ray & Ultrasounds

The team at Clevengers Corner Veterinary Care use advanced diagnostic tools to help treat your family pet. Serving the Warrenton & Amissville VA area.


Digital X-ray

Radiographs play an important role in diagnostics. Our in-hosptial digital x-ray machine provides our doctors with high-quality radiographs to aid in the diagnostics of some diseases and illnesses looking at bone and many soft tissue problems. This allows us to get immediate pictures via a computer screen. We also have the ability to electronically transmit these digital x-ray images to a radiologists for interpretation when required.



As part of our commitment to state-of-the art medicine, Clevengers Corner Veterinary Care offers ultrasound services in our practice using a noninvasive imaging technique that generally does not require any sedation, causing minimal stress to your pet. Our multi-probe machine uses high-frequency to allow us to perform abdominal and thoracic ultrasound studies.


Clevengers Corner Veterinary Care is a family-centered veterinary healthcare team dedicated to delivering excellence with compassion. Our mission is to:

  • Advocate a high standard of care for each patient.
  • Provide proactive, personalized customer service.
  • Educate and comfort our patient’s families.
  • Maintain a pleasing and sanitary environment.
  • Constantly expand our knowledge and improve our skills.