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 We are proud to offer free home delivery and outstanding pricing through our online pharmacy. By purchasing from our family-owned business, you help support local jobs and all proceeds go toward improving the care we provide for your pets.

As a token of our appreciation, we are happy to extend the benefits of our Loyalty Re-wards Program and our Manufacturer Guarantee Support Program to purchases from our online store (see below for details).

Our legacy online store, powered by Covetrus (formerly Vets First Choice), can still be accessed here:


Clevengers Corner Veterinary Care offers a “Loyalty Rewards Program” for clients who choose to purchase their pet prescriptions and parasite prevention through our practice or our online store. The benefits to the loyalty program include:

  • Free nail trims with any examination
  • Unlimited discounted nail trims any other time ($10-off)
  • Free ward occupancy for drop-off appointments or diagnostic testing
  • Courtesy submission of manufacturer rebate forms for Heartgard and Nexgard
  • Periodic product giveaways and other exclusive discounts

All of our clients are members of the CCVC Loyalty Rewards Program, unless they have chosen to purchase prescription pet medication from another supplier. Eligibility for the Loyalty Rewards Program is not impacted by the purchase of therapeutic pet foods, over-the-counter pet supplies, human medications purchased through human pharmacies, or medications that are not stocked by our practice. Terms of the Loyalty Rewards Program may be changed or discontinued at any time without notice.

Once participation in the Loyalty Rewards Program has been forfeited, a client may reestablish eligibility after three consecutive purchases of pet prescription medications through our practice or our online store.



Whether or not you choose to participate in the CCVC Loyalty Rewards Program, our manufacturer guarantee support is automatically included for any prescription medication purchased through CCVC, including through our online store. Our guarantee support means that:

  • Our prescription medications are supported by robust manufacturer guarantees that cover treatment costs related to complications, side-effects, or lack of efficacy of the product
  • CCVC keeps all records necessary to file claims, if necessary
  • CCVC staff will file claim and supporting paperwork with manufacturer
  • There is no charge for veterinarian consultations with the manufacturer, if required
  • CCVC bills the manufacturer directly for all applicable diagnostic and treatment costs.

Please be aware that for prescription medications ordered elsewhere:

  • The client is responsible for verifying with the drug manufacturer whether or not any support is provided if a complication, side-effect, or lack of efficacy is experienced from a medication purchased outside of our office or website
  • The client must maintain all records necessary to file claims
  • The client must file claim and supporting paperwork with supplier and/or manufacturer
  • Regular fees are charged for veterinarian consultations with the manufacturer, if required
  • CCVC will bill the client directly for all applicable diagnostic and treatment costs.



Clevengers Corner Veterinary Care is a family-centered veterinary healthcare team dedicated to delivering excellence with compassion. Our mission is to:

  • Advocate a high standard of care for each patient.
  • Provide proactive, personalized customer service.
  • Educate and comfort our patient’s families.
  • Maintain a pleasing and sanitary environment.
  • Constantly expand our knowledge and improve our skills.

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