A:  It sounds like you have the basics.  I would prefer not to house a rodent in an aquarium due to poor ventilation.  Ammonia levels right above the litter in an aquarium can get quite high and harm the health of your pet.  However, you can buy an aquarium lid with climbing tubes that lead to chambers with better ventilation.  Otherwise, be sure you have an open mesh lid and clean the litter several times a week to reduce ammonia buildup.  A plastic or wire cage designed for rodents would provide better ventilation and allow for less frequent litter changes.

Also, soft wood litter like pine shavings or cedar chips produce toxic fumes very close to your pet.  I always recommend aspen, compressed newspaper or corn cob litter for small animals.  Be aware that solid floor surfaces are healthier than metal grates and galvanized steel can cause zinc toxicity in rodents.

A house for hiding, a wheel for exercise, and a water supply changed daily are essential for a long, happy life.  Also, be sure to feed species-specific pellet-style food to all small animals so they cannot develop dietary imbalances by picking out only the tasty seeds from mixture diets.

Finally, handle and pet the little guy daily so he remains gentle and tame.  Enjoy him.