Memorial Garden At Clevengers Corner

table          A memorial garden provides a long-lasting tribute to a beloved pet who has passed away. A place to honor and remember the beloved companions who have left our lives, but not our hearts. Using flowers, river stones and paw print cement molds, we can create a collection of memories that will last for years to come and will also help support pets in need.

         Clevengers Corner Veterinary Care has established a memorial fund with the Veterinary Care Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation. All contributes are tax deductible. To donate to our memorial fund, go to , click the “donate” link button and choose “donate to a veterinary practice”. Then simply follow the steps to donate to “Clevengers Corner Veterinary Care (Amissville).” You can also call (888)929-4799 and specify the Clevengers Corner Veterinary Care Memorial Fund.

         Veterinary Care Foundation operating expenses are funded entirely through membership dues paid by veterinarians, 100% of every dollar donated to the Veterinary Care Foundation is used to treat pets. The Foundation’s criteria for use of donated funds are generally restricted to the following:

  • Funding for Good Samaritan cases
  • Care for police/fire and service animals
  • For pets harmed or displaced due to local disasters (such as weather, fire ect.)